Meet the Dobbs Family

Bryan Dobbs grew up in the Crossroads area of Paulding where he attended W.C. Abney Elementary, East Paulding Middle School and East Paulding High School. While in first grade, Bryan met Michelle who would later become his wife. Bryan, Michelle, and their three children live in the home he grew up in.

He began working for his father’s grading business at about 14 years old. It was here that Bryan learned the value of a hard, honest day’s work, which he carries with him today.

In 2013, Bryan decided to start a machine shop, so he bought a mill and lathe and taught himself. There was only one place to start his business, Dobbs Defense, and that was right here in District 19. What began as a 1,400 square foot gun shop has grown to a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility with eight employees.

As Bryan’s business grew, so did his commitment to the local community. Bryan and his family donated countless hours and dollars, showing the community the same love and support they showed him when he started his business, to include visiting the local sheriff and police departments with food because they were working through a holiday or donating funds to an important cause.

This is only the beginning for Bryan and his family as it is their time to invest in the local community the same way the community invested in Dobbs Defense.