I Believe

Tax Reform

I will fight to reduce the number of different taxes paid, and the total amount of taxes paid by working towards a consumption-based sales tax to replace the state income tax. It is your money, keep it in your wallet where it belongs.

Promote Small Business

Invest directly into Paulding. When compared to chain stores, local business owners recycle more of their revenue back into the local economy, strengthening the whole community.

Second Amendment

I make my living manufacturing firearms, which is why I am an avid supporter of the Second Amendment. I will always fight against anti-gun agendas.

Commitment to Public Safety

I have spent my professional career designing, building and manufacturing tools to keep our law enforcement officers safe and my decisions in the legislature will continue to reflect the priority of safety first.

Wasteful Spending

I will work to identify and eliminate wasteful spending within the state government while prioritizing tax payer’s money to reflect the community’s wishes, such as education and public safety. I will not vote for a budget that is not balanced.