Bryan Dobbs to Speak at Mulberry Rock Park GOP Meeting

I would like to invite you out this weekend to a very important event. An event where I need your support.
I will be speaking at the Paulding GOP meeting this Saturday (November 18th) at 9 a.m. The meeting will be held at the brand-new Mulberry Rock Park located at 1849 Mulberry Rock Road Dallas, GA 30157. This will be my first true public address as a candidate for State House District 19 and I’d like to see some friendly faces in the crowd.
So come out, be proactive, and start getting involved in the party. I will have T-shirts on hand for anyone who wants one. Yard signs are in print and may have those as well. Also, please share this invitation to help spread the word.
I look forward to seeing you all there!
You may join the Republican Party at the event or by clicking on this link. 

Medical Marijuana

In case you’ve never seen one, my friend Rachal is holding her Georgia Medical Marijuana card. I know too many people and families affected by the subject to not have a firm opinion on the matter. I fully support Medical Marijuana in the state of Georgia because I can see the positive difference it makes in the quality of life of many families I personally know.

Currently, the law only allows for very few conditions to obtain a card. I would seek to broaden the list of illnesses that can be treated with cannabis. Too many men and women who have proudly served our great nation suffer from PTSD or other lifelong service-related conditions. Yet, they are denied the dignity to step away from commonly prescribed psychoactive medications. According to testimony during house hearings on medicinal cannabis, it was stated that over 80% of all new heroin users started out on prescription opioids. I believe opioids, and their multitude of side effects, are a much larger problem than cannabis has ever been or will be. Why are we so quick to condemn cannabis when heroin is prescribed for a sprained ankle?

Legalization is not enough when there is no model for growth and cultivation in the state. The current situation allows for cannabis cardholders to legally possess THC oil but does not allow the cultivation and production of this medicine in the state. Thereby putting mothers and fathers at risk of criminal prosecution for the simple act of doing what is best for their own children. If one of my children needed medicine I would beg, borrow, and steal to get it. We must create an in-state program for the growth and cultivation of medicinal marijuana here in Georgia.

It is my belief that to deny any medicine to a suffering patient is evil.

2nd Amendment

It occurs to me that some people do not know I make my living in the firearms industry. I own Dobbs Defense, an NFA firearms manufacturing facility located right here in District 19. As such, my primary focus is to protect the second amendment along with all constitutional rights. I will never support any legislation that endangers or degrades the foundation of liberty laid out by our founding fathers.

Recent events have brought even our most trusted legislators to the negotiation table regarding our second amendment rights. Of all the amendments to the Constitution, the second amendment is the most important because it protects the rest. Therefore it is non-negotiable!
As your Representative I will hold the standard of bringing liberty back to the people by reducing the power of government over the individual.

I vow to NEVER give a single inch when it comes to your rights.

Bryan Dobbs Announces Candidacy for Ga. House of Representatives


September 8, 2017

Bryan Dobbs Announces Candidacy for Ga. House of Representatives

Dallas, Ga. — Bryan Dobbs, owner of local business Dobbs Defense and community advocate, formally announced his candidacy for Georgia House of Representatives District 19 on Sept. 8, 2017.

The people of District 19 deserve honest diligent representation. Bryan Dobbs wants to put Paulding first by improving the confidence and integrity of the office and give the people a strong voice.

This is Dobbs’ first run for public office. The government faces many challenges, to include tax reform, wasteful spending, second amendment rights and public safety.

The community of District 19 wants to see action. Bryan Dobbs humbly asks the people for an opportunity to serve them.

To find out more about the campaign, visit